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Available Homes

Westgate Village offers lots for rent, brand new Oakwood homes and rent-to-own (used) homes.  We also assist tenants that are selling their personal homes find buyers!  Call the office at 910-424-6555 for details!

Rent to Own Homes

Currently offering a 2 bed 1 bath rent to own for $875 a month! Thats $300 lot rent and $575 for seven years on the home.  A non-refundable $5000 down payment is required.  NO INVESTORS, HOMEOWNERS ONLY PARK.  Home has been remodeled with fresh paint, new flooring, HVAC replaced a few years ago and cool seal on roof last year.  Picture coming (pict not of actual home)

Lots available

We have lots available for singlewide and doublewide homes.  Lot prices range from $300 to $330 depending on lot chosen and includes trash and lawn maintainence. We offer 2-3 months free lot rental up front depending on background report.


Brand New Oakwood Home

Brand new Oakwood home located in the park and  ready to moved in! Call Oakwood Homes on Gillespie Street at 910-429-1923 and tell them you're insterested in the home they have in Westgate.  Lot rent is $300 and comes with trash and lawn maintenance.  

FOR SALE by VFM homes

No homes currently available

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